Agate- Bali Silver

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Our Agate Bali single features a sterling silver bead that is individually hand-crafted by Balinese silver-smiths and imported directly from beautiful Bali. Every bead is special and has its own story, made with love, soul and patience.

Agate: Confidence, Security, Grounding

Agate gets it's name from the place where it was first located in ancient Sicily along the shore of the river Achates. Agate in all it's varieties, is known as the stone of balance. It fosters love, abundance, wealth, luck, courage, protection, strength and appreciation of nature. Agate is found in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, India and Australia.

Hand-Crafted, AAA Faceted Agate, 10mm Gem Diameter

Thai Silver, 10mm Handcrafted Bali Bead

Made in Canada