Tips For Bracelet Stacking

I'm a huge fan of layering my gemstone bracelets, the more the merrier, am I right?  Not only do they look gorgeous, but they give off a ton of positive energy. Read below for some bracelet stacking tips and inspiration!

1. Incorporate Various Sizes

Size is a great way to add variety to your bracelet arrangement. It's great to stick to one or two larger bracelets to avoid adding creating a clunky, heavy look. Mix any of our Gemma or Terra Collection with our Bali Bracelets to create a gorgeous look.

2.  Mix Materials

Forget the rules about only pairing like materials. When stacking bracelets, anything goes! That means you can mix different metals, wood with gems or any other combination you want! Mix and match our Gemma Collection with our Terra Collection to achieve this look.

3. Play With Colour

Another way to keep your bracelet stack interesting is through the use of colour. Choose colours from the same colour family for a monochromatic look or choose one bracelet from another family to add a pop of colour! I'm personally drawn to the blues and the greens so I tend to mix Labradorite, Amazonite and Blue Agate. 

4. Keep Your Intentions In Mind

What energies are you looking for in your gemstones? If this is the most important element of your stack, consider layering bracelets with similar energies to achieve the most from them. For example if your looking for calmness in your day to day life, consider layering Howlite, Aquamarine and Lepidolite & Sandalwood

Here are a few of my favourite stacks to give you some inspiration!

Stack 1: The Blues
Bracelets Featured: Bali Agate, Moonstone, and Amazonite & Sandalwood

Gemstone Bracelet Stack

Stack 2: The Peaches

Bracelets Featured: Sunstone, Bali Aventurine and Sunstone & Sandalwood

Gemstone Bracelet Stack

 Stack 3: Earthy Tones

Bracelets Featured: African Turquoise and Labradorite & Sandalwood

Stack 4: Tiger & Onyx

Bracelets Featured: Tiger, Onyx and Tiger & Onyx

Gemstone Bracelets

Have any other stack ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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