Lia Lubiana Jewellery features contemporary designs, largely inspired by natural textures, cutting edge materials and historic details. Beauty exists in the smallest of details and at Lia Lubiana Jewellery, we aim to emulate that. Defined by their quality, all pieces are designed and hand finished in Toronto from the highest quality materials, sourcing pure precious metals and gemstones, while obsessing over every detail. Inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones and their origins, Lia Lubiana mixes a modern aesthetic with historic details to create timeless statement pieces.

Lia Lubiana started showing interest in jewellery design at a very young age.  She was always attracted to anything shiny. Friends and family supported her by wearing her creations and encouraged her to explore her interests. What started out as a childhood talent for Lia, became a continued passion for jewellery creation and design, which today is loved internationally. She developed her creative skills through multi-media art and design, which influenced her unique jewellery style. With her design and business skills, she has moved forward to rebrand Lia Lubiana Jewellery in the Fall of 2017. Her love for semi-precious stones has inspired her to study their energies, physical properties and history. Soon afterwards, she designed her new semi-precious men's and women's collection. Lia Lubiana Jewellery is found in many stores in Toronto and is also available online at 

A note from Lia...
Lia Lubiana Jewellery has always been a passion project inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones. I am always humbled and grateful when I spot Lia Lubiana designs being integrated into the everyday lives of our customers. It is with you in mind that each collection is created and made possible.