Lia Lubiana Jewellery Care Guide


We only work with high quality materials such as precious metals and natural gemstones. You can wear our jewellery everyday! Below are a few tips and tricks to keep your piece looking brand new!


Gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil is an overlay of gold/rose gold over a base of sterling silver and requires special care. To extend the life of your gold or rose gold vermeil jewelry, remove when washing hands, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, using harsh cleansers, or working out. Always store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in individual air-tight bags. Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on gold or rose gold vermeil jewelry. Gold or rose gold vermeil jewelry will inevitably fade to a warm silver or a light gold/rose gold colour. This is the nature of plated jewelry. The rate of wear depends on care, climate and individual body chemistry, and may vary greatly on a case by case basis. We do not offer re-plating of our gold/rose gold vermeil designs and all sales of gold/rose gold vermeil jewelry are final.
*Parts of gold vermeil care instructions borrowed from Local Eclectic.

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. As a result, it is hypoallergenic for most people. Atmospheric pollution, including water, can tarnish or dull silver. The best way to avoid tarnishing is to store your silver pieces in individual air-tight bags. If your silver has already tarnished, don't worry, it can be polished using a polishing cloth available at any local jewelry supply or bead store. As many of our pieces are made with natural gemstones, we do not recommend using chemical jewelry cleansers, as they may damage or dull stones.


Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and chromium. With its silvery finish and resistance to tarnish, stainless has become a popular choice for jewellery. It is strong enough for daily wear. The chromium oxide film that prevents tarnish on stainless steel also keeps it from reacting to other chemicals. Stainless steel is also water resistance and washing with soapy water is actually beneficial.


All of our gemstones are genuine mineral stones that are highly valued for their beauty, longevity and rarity. We use an array of semi precious stones. Gemstones are not fans of water or chemicals. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight may cause certain gems to become paler.